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About Our Services

Applied Research and Experimental Methods Design Development (AREM)

RPA generates research that aids Health Systems learn about the effectiveness and value of applied interventions, care protocol and delivery process. Examples of emerging methods needed by health systems are Diagnostic Efficiency and Effective Profiles, Clinical Decision Support System (CDSM), and other measures and methods.

Medical Diagnostic Physics Support Services

RPA provides Diagnostic Medical Physics and Nuclear Medical Physics Support Services. We are here to assist your Medical Physics needs with American College of Radiology (ACR), Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) accreditation programs, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Agreement State Radioactive Materials license, and X-ray device registration, and Radiation Safety evaluation.

The Center of Excellence in Diagnosimetrics (CED)

The Center of Excellence in Diagnosimetrics (CED) nested within RPA is a not for profit corporation that conducts Illness Specific Diagnostic Technology—applied appropriate use criteria (AUC) research. Driven by the science of Diagnosimetric, in collaboration with AREM, the CED develops facility specific AUCs.

Illness Specific Diagnostic Technology

Illness Specific Diagnostic (ISD) technology solves problems of diagnostic testing over-utilization. By application of a proprietary scientific methodology, a retrospective disease cohort relationship is defined, through reorganization of a hospital’s historic medical records’ disease specific diagnostic tests-results. This reorganization produces rank-ordered DRG disease specific diagnostic tests that confirm/deny a disease in question—ISD tables. ISD tables identify local standards of diagnostic medicine unique to a hospital’s medical staff practice patterns as defined in a hospital’s medical records.

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