Radiation Safety Officer Support Services

  1. Ensure that licensed material will be used safely. This includes review as necessary of training programs, equipment, facility, supplies, and procedures.
  2. Ensure that licensed material is used in compliance with department regulations and the license.
  3. Ensure that the use of licensed material is consistent with the ALARA philosophy.
  4. Identify program problems and solutions.
  5. Review the training and experience of the proposed authorized users to determine that their qualifications are sufficient to enable the individuals to perform their duties safely and in accordance with the regulations and the license.
  6. Review on the basis of safety and approve or deny, consistent with the limitations of the regulations, the license, and the ALARA philosophy, all requests for authorization to use radioactive material under the license.
  7. Prescribe special conditions that will be required during a proposed method of use of radioactive material such as requirements for bioassays, physical examinations of users, and special monitoring procedures.
  8. The RSO will review, sign and date at least every three months the radiation doses of authorized users and workers to determine that their doses are ALARA in accordance with the Investigational Levels established in appendix R or appendix S.
  9. The RSO will review radiation surveys in unrestricted and restricted areas to determine that dose rates and amounts of contamination were at ALARA levels during the previous quarter.
  10. Establish a program to ensure that all persons who in the course of employment are likely to receive an occupational dose in excess of 100 millirem in a year (e.g., nursing, security, housekeeping, physical plant) are appropriately instructed as required, to include the ALARA philosophy and radiation safety as described in the training program.
  11. Review and document at least annually the radiation safety program’s contents and implementation to determine that all activities are being conducted safely, in accordance with department regulations and the conditions of the license, and consistent with the ALARA philosophy. The review will include an examination of records, reports, results of department inspections, written safety procedures, and the adequacy of the management control system.
  12. Recommend remedial action to correct any deficiencies identified in the radiation safety program.
  13. Ensure that the radioactive material license is amended if required prior to any changes in facilities, equipment, policies, procedures, and personnel.
  14. The RSO shall promptly investigate and implement corrective actions as necessary; and provide management a written report of these investigations and the corrective actions taken for the following:
    1. Overexposures;
    2. Accidents;
    3. Spills;
    4. Losses;
    5. Thefts;
    6. Unauthorized receipts, uses, transfers and disposals; 7. Other deviation from approved radiation practices.