On Demand Services

On Demand Services as Follows:

  1. Review/provide radiation policies and procedures
  2. Unlimited telephone consultation
  3. Annual Radiation In-Service
  4. Radiation Safety Officer services:
    1. Monthly Personnel Monitoring (badge) record review
    2. Pregnancy Personnel Monitoring (badge) record review
    3. RAM License Amendments
    4. General RSO Duties each RAM License location
    5. Barrier Calculations each occurrence
  5. New Construction protective barrier integrity check
  6. Unlimited telephone consultation no charge

Radiation Protection Associates, LLC., Clinical Decision Support Mechanisms Services Provided.

Rooted in the science of Diagnosimetrics RPA provides clinical decision support systems that are locally developed and applied. Through application of Illness Specific Diagnostic® (ISD) technology, practitioners of the healing arts are freed, from the burden of associating clinical symptoms (symptomology) to a diagnostic test. ISD allows physicians to enjoy quality time with patients as they undergo clinical medical evaluation (physical assessment). This clinical assessment produces a set of provisional diseases for evaluation. A patient once clinically evaluated is provided a prescription to rule out the presence of disease(s). A medical facility that has successfully deployed ISD has in their EMR locally developed CDSM-AUCs that associates a disease to diagnostic test(s).

When ISD is applied clinicians diagnose disease faster that leads to accurate disease treatment, and patient rapid clinical progress, leading to successful health outcomes.