Applied Research and Experimental Methods Design Development

Applied Research and Experimental Methods Design Development (AREM) conducts research to enable Learning Health Systems to identify and apply hospital specific evidence based learning to promote improvement in health care.

Here are A few examples:

Clinical Medical Learning 

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSM)—are computer programs that organize and present Appropriate Use Criteria (AUCs) in an organized and simple presentation. The purpose of a CDMS is to lift the burden of endless diagnostic tests selection from a clinician. Radiation Protection Associate’s (RPA) AREM has developed a CDSM program. We call it ARTIS® in collaboration with RPA’s Center of Excellence in Diagnosimetrics (CED) organizes locally developed AUCs. ARTIS® is driven by the only US Patented CDMS-AUC generator. Illness Specific Diagnostic Technology (ISD) is the CDMS-AUC method use by ARTIS to develop facility specific locally developed AUCs (See US Patent). ARTIS® is an integrated AUC-CDMS scientific method that move forward hospitals and health systems learning through creations of AUCs for 80% of disease  treated at a local medical  facility. ARTIS® not only creates AUCs for diagnostic imaging, but for all diagnostic testing i.e. imaging, lab, endoscopy etc.  By abstraction of a specific facility’s  medical records ARTIS® arranges disease specific cohort for retrospective abstraction and creation of both Diagnostic and Evaluative AUCs (DAUCs and EAUCs) for prospective application. By development of locally specific DAUCs and EAUCs ARTIS® avoids all the thorny issues associated with academic gold standards, or large mega databased AUCs both that often have little or no relevance to the local setting where they are applied, and therefore enjoy minimal compliance levels of use.

If your medical center, hospital or health system is ready to reduce diagnostic cost, improve diagnostic accuracy, apply precise patient disease management, to expedite patient wellness, contact us here.

New Measures to Account for Hospital or Health System Performance

Health systems senior leadership need to understand and measure local operational efficiencies and effectiveness. ARTIS® identifies needless diagnostic testing at a local medical facility. It has been published that a large percentage of diagnostic testing is needless.  Currently, hospitals are staffed to perform needless diagnostic and evaluative testing. If you are interested in identification and removal of wasted medical resource consumption, contact us here.